Marketing services


Sonne Service as marketing

Sonne Service can increase customer base

Sonne service also offer marketing to build and develop your business. From ideation to platform, we can solve the challenges of external communication and interaction between the brand, company and audiences.

Do you get new clients from your website?

Is it easy to post content and track the engagement?

Sonne Service has re-designed a few websites in different areas of businesses from flower shops with eCommerce functionality, construction workers, musicians, accountants and psychologists, non-profits SME´s, organisations

From art direction to business strategy.

From a commercial and solid foundation in financial and commercial benefits, Sonne Service Marketing develops strategy, business/brand development, graphic design, all tied together or converged in the ever sprawling disciplines of #interactiondesign, usability, UX.

The silver lining is the conversations, the interaction, the dialogue and engagement between the brand and the audience/users.

Graphic design/

Art Direction

Making and producing a logo is something that should last not 5 hours.

Its the essence of your brand and encompass your vision/mission. It should be recognizable and stand out from the crowd. Sometimes it looks good "enough" on the screen, but what if you want to have it on printed materials such as flyers, posters or other media?

Website design/SEO

Websites was redesign and on-site SEO was done to provide an online point of interaction with users and customers online.

Social Media

It includes disciplines as:

  • Content strategy
  • Methodologies and best practice
  • Marketing automation/Analysis
  • Acquisition of new leads & conversion
  • Activation of prospects.
  • Tactics and operations to execute on content strategy
  • Plan the events and posts
  • Track the conversion of the commercial goals and adjust accordingly.

UX/UI & App development

UX/UI, App development & content strategy for an early-stage start-up, there was a need for: UX/UI, graphic design

brand development & marketing.

The project summarized the "idea to platform", since Sonne Service handled the development and planning of an App/android to do narratives to clickable hi-fi prototype.

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