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The accounts are your management tool in the company but are also used to comply with the legislation and current policies.

Theres certain set of regulatory measures to be compliant, and we can settle do your bookkeeping, and reports from taxation depending on the size of your business.

The accounts must be kept regularly and documented with appendices (invoices, invoices, pay slips, bank statements, etc.).

Typically, the accounts are prepared as an annual report, but other periods, such as monthly or quarterly accounts, are also conceivable.

The annual accounts must be kept in such a way that SKAT can see how you have calculated the profit in the company. When you have a one-man business, you have to pay income tax on your profits.

If you can manage the various financial routines, you will have solved most of your administrative obligations. However, you do not have to do bookkeeping etc. yourself.

As the bookkeeping and daily accounting can be complicated, many self-employed people choose to have an accountant, a freelance accountant or a business service company prepare the annual accounts, even if there are no formal requirements.

At the start of the year, it can be a good idea to have a financial audit if your priorities are on your core business and you are not comfortable with the accounting, rules and regulations, tax reports etc.

Subsequently, the majority continue to choose to have an auditor settle the accounts and other tax matters.

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